April 12, 2009 | Published in | 0 comments

My life these days can pretty much be summed up in the words of James Hetfield:

Seek. And. Destroy.

Okay, maybe not.

I'm just seeking to destroy my bank account by perpetually going on eBay instead of burying my nose in the books. But whatever, I like that song. Been looping it 24/7.

Also have been on frantic search for these shoes. Why, you ask? If you're looking to shut me up, then you can ask me why I want these shoes because I have no answer. I shall just ask you to look at them.

They sort of have an ethereal quality about them, don't they? It screams "WALK ME DOWN THE STREET LIKE A FUCKING SIZE ZERO MODEL". They begged to be worn and loved. Sob.

Mrm. I cannot believe she has it in three colours. Goddamn.

I walked into a 2nd hand bookshop today. It felt oddly familiar yet foreign. I shall post about more substantial issues when I'm not meant to be procrastinating.

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