Remembering my Childhood

June 29, 2009 | Published in | 6 comments

The London Zoo was a bit disappointing. The animals looked so downtrodden. Human oppression - aren't we all victims of it. Again, this is why I want to go to the African savannah.

This giraffe wouldn't stop splashing water about. They're such serene animals.

A two-toed sloth. They only come down to the ground once a week to take a dump.


Lemur. Insert reference to King Julian.

(They spit when angry)

A poor gorilla.
I'll miss eating Walkers crisps :( ready salted <3

A macaw. Isn't it gorgeous?

A black vulture. It knew when to fly in and out. Pretty amazing stuff.

Zoo outfit.
Top: vintage Metallica shirt circa 1992 (my ebay pride and joy). Skirt: Pull and Bear. Shoes: Topshop. Bag: Miu Miu. Sunglasses: Ray Ban


This Ain't Africa

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I've been running around trying to get my life on track again post-Morocco. I've finally stopped shopping online and getting my fat arse (haven't been to the gym in two weeks!) to the summer sales, the zoo (photos soon!) and saying goodbye to friends. I shall bottle up my nostalgia and put it aside for now. My room as it is now is an absolute tip. Anyway. Photos from Morocco - in no particular chronological order because I'm a bum.

View from the living room of the riad in Marrakesh.

Snake charmer in Djemaa el Fna. Total con job, the snake didn't even budge to the music. It was only reacting to passers-by.

Living room of the riad in Marrakesh. Spent a couple of hours reading in here while everyone went out to get food.

The local tannery in Fes. Yes, they are shitholes. The leather is dunked into pots of dyes and then softened with pigeon guano. Yes, darlings, it reeked of absolute shit. Never live next to a tannery unless you are extremely fond of pigeon crap.

Essaouira, the seaside town. Much better than Casablanca, I would imagine. Casablanca is an overrated place, much like Marrakesh. After Marrakesh, I think any other Moroccan city would seem heavenly.

Calamari rings by the seaside. This was an excellent plate of calamari!

A camel. Didn't ride one because I didn't want to fork out the money. Stingy me.

Goats on a tree! Now there's something many people haven't seen before, right?? These goats eat the argan branches for food. Moroccans make an industry out of argan trees: they use it for oil, fuel and forage. We stopped by a place where women were making argan oil and argan butter. Argan butter >>> peanut butter any day :P


Sheep's brains in Djema el Fna, Marrakesh. I didn't try this lest I cause the outbreak of some new weird disease. Or die.

Market in Meknes. This man whipped an iguana out of his bag. I suspect he dabbles in voodoo.

Veggie cous cous. So much better than regular rice, but too much of it and you just feel funny.

This man was looking at me because I wasn't supposed to take photos of his stall as he had no licence. He yelled at me after and told me to delete it but clearly I didn't. It is quite a nice photo, no?

Meat at every corner.

The outside of a palace in Meknes dating back to God knows when. I nearly died in the sweltering heat.

Beef and egg tagine the lovely host made for us in the Riad back in Meknes. So yummeh!

Moroccan mint tea, a sign of Moroccan hospitality. This was the shit. Too much of it, however, and diabetes will strike you down like a lightsaber to Luke Skywalker's arm.

Marrakesh train station.

Sunset in Marrakesh on the last day. It occurred to me there and then that I hadn't watched the sun set in the longest time. It was oddly symbolic.

I need to go on an across-continent adventure soon.

Morocco in Four Words:

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It was too hot.

I am never believing in anything Discovery Travel and Living tells me anymore! Your mother is always right: the television lies.

The streets of Marrakesh were filled with single limbed beggars wielding large sticks to threaten tourists into submission. And donkeys. And men yelling "KONICHIWA". Also, there were 4-year-olds who really know how to swear at you if you don't give them money. Bloody hell. I was not impressed.

Managed, however, to procure some awesome silver rings in Essaouira and weird hippie rucksack at the airport (only because I had dihrams to spend and they didn't sell magazines or droolworthy snacks).

Also met a cute baby goat along the highway.

Big ass picture post coming.

Shoe Porn

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I woke up at 645AM today and couldn't go back to bed. It's one of those painful things that everyone goes through once in a while for unknown reasons. I also felt like blogging about my recent acquisitions upon hopping out of bed:

My beloved Adidas sneaker heels. They are possibly the most comfortable things I've stepped in since my flip flops! I'm not sure why these babies look slightly brown here but it's definitely black.

My Gap platforms! Ordered from the States. Took 28 years to arrive because it went through various stops before it finally arrived at my door. After a month or so of waiting, my patience began to exponentially decrease and it wasn't before long that I was ready to chew the American postal system's head off.

I love my Ralph Lauren shirt and Topshop blazer to death.
Taken just before a post-report-writing movie. Excuse the puffy eyebags.

The Thing That Should Not Be

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I always get upset whenever I see models wearing Metallica t-shirts (especially this particular "Master of Puppets" one which has become quite commonplace) because I don't think very many people listen to Metallica properly anymore. It's become more of a fashion statement than proclaiming their fandom and it's irritating!

I mean, come on, I refuse to wear Iron Maiden t-shirts because I'd feel like an utter moron since I haven't heard any of their songs except "Fear of the Dark" and "The Flight of Icarus". I also don't wear Guns 'n' Roses t-shirts although they've been produced by Topshop for years now because I've only ever listened to "November Rain", "Mr Brownstone" and "My Michelle" properly.

Metallica's Symphony and Metallica album, however, was on my playlist for 3 months straight as I was studying for exams. I listened to them as I walked through Hyde Park, as I studied and as I slept (Linkin Park lulled me to sleep once upon a time many moons ago). And although I might be a new fan, at least when I wear their t-shirts (especially the 17-year-old vintage one I found on eBay), I don't feel like such a fool. Call me anal-with-a-stick-up-my-ass, but I am unashamedly so.

But really. I guess I don't look like much of a rocker/emo/metal head kinda person so the less informed stranger on the street would immediately assume that I've jumped on the rock-tshirt-donning bandwagon anyway.



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I thought about buying the dress below but decided my legs are too Chinese to pull it off. Sob.

I do, however, love this photo. Alexa Chung looks so typically Topshop against the NYC background.


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The thing about selling on ebay is that they allow a refractory period in which you can bask in the glory of selling your items for x amount.

Then, come 15th of the month, they'll tell you that you now have x-20 left in your Paypal. And if x<20, then you can suck it.

I am sucking it.

Love, Sxe, Magik

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In a shameless bid to make my body look decent, I spent 2 hours at the gym today.

Ciara is my newfound hot momma whose body I will try very, very hard to emulate.

(Custard buns, anyone?)

Anyway, she shouldn't have opened for Britney. The juxtaposition was just a bit too much.

On a slightly different note, MATLAB won't run anymore on my Mac and I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

And for the lucky, lucky majority who don't know what MATLAB is, here's the Wiki: MATLAB is a numerical computing environment and fourth generation programming language. Maintained by The MathWorks, MATLAB allows easy matrix manipulation, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs in other languages.

oops! what'd she do again?

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Dear Britney,

I want my money back. Now.


P.S. Maybe making others feel better about their own thunder thighs and jiggly bits costs £50..?

Eating Isn't a Crime

June 02, 2009 | Published in | 4 comments

A banana chocolate muffin I made for my flatmate's birthday.

Kulu Kulu Sushi @ Brewer St. Stuffed my fucking face silly.

(I'd totally forgotten how yummy these stupid things are. Each box contains 320 calories though. Wtf)

(As opposed to a mere 72 cals per 100g of frozen yogurt!!!)

And so I present to you the latest trend in London - frozen yogurt. LA must be laughing at us.

Food will always be my first <3