Chasing Waves

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I dream about tsunamis rather often. I don't think it's sheer coincidence that I dream about these waves washing over me. I don't drown, because they say you can't ever die in a dream (although I do recall dying but not really going anywhere pivotal or of special Significance). In any case, I usually climb to higher ground, say, a house on a hillside (which was last night's refuge). Cowardice much? Other times, I simply watch the onslaught of water beckon slowly towards my direction. Once, a tsunami hit New York City whilst I was walking along the streets, even though I have never once set foot in the US. This wave was probably the most frightening one, but I don't recall being frightened. In fact, last night's tsunami arising out of the ocean was by far the most shock inducing. But that might have been because I was not alone; my grandparents were also around.

Thus, I decided to Google "tsunami dreams". Being an ex-English Literature student, I can easily tell you that "waves symbolise the feeling of being tremendously overwhelmed" and that "the waves are reminiscent of repressed emotions". Funnily enough, "Dream Dictionaries" will tell you that too.

In waking life tsunamis occur when an earthquake or some other violent action takes place thereby lifting the sea up which in turn creates a gigantic wave that causes much devastation when it comes ashore. In dream life, a tsunami may symbolize the same feeling--a feeling of being overwhelmed by a huge, powerful force beyond your control. Dreaming of a tsunami can be a sign that you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed or emotional upheaval. Look at your life and see if there is a situation that feels overpowering.

It's really not a wonder why I'm over-bloody-whelmed. There is, also, another meaning to tsunami dreams:

According to Carl Jung, a tsunami dream is very significant. It is one of those great “archetypal” dreams, meaning symbols which are universal across all cultures. A tsunami is supposed to be a symbol of some great spiritual change, the washing away of the old and the beginnings of new growth.

I must be still waiting for my spiritual awakening. Don't we all need one right now.

Anyway. To work, to work.


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It's THAT time of the year again!!!!

Such is the revelry and joy that my life continues to be peppered with every single day. I am joined by Mssrs Piles-and-Piles-Of-Notes and Impending-Very-Bad-Fever-As-You-Can-Tell-By-Unhinged-Nature-of-Post.