Lassi Madness

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Upon tasting some sweet lassi, my insane tired friend Nuri goes:

"It tastes sweet"

Upon tasting some mango lassi, my still insane tired friend Nuri goes:

"It tastes like mango"

Elizabeth and James love

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are by far my favourite fashion icons. I don't care if people say they look like bag ladies because fuck, even if they do look homeless, at least they look good! Ashley may infinitely be more refined than MK in terms of style, but she doesn't cut enough edge. She rocks the monochrome look very well whereas MK dares to wear whatever she pleases and for this I admire her despite her 5'1" anorexic posture:

Again, those Balenciaga boots. I crave them like an obese Malaysian man would crave a large plate of double serving of wan tan mee, kah liu. Alas, I too crave a double serving of wan tan mee on a regular basis - which explains why I will never rock the heroin chic look.


Usually I don't go on because the things listed here are just way beyond my budget. However, since I'm at my wit's end with this final report, I decided to surf shopbop and I stumbled upon Elizabeth and James, MK and A's "cheaper" fashion label. Now, I get emails regularly from net-a-porter telling me how I should REALLY invest in some uber expensive pieces from E&J, Sergio Rossi and Christian Louboutin but typically I would just ignore this lest I go insane at the prospect of how I'll never own such divine goods that would immediately up my status fashion-wise - sad, but true re: what a materialistic ho I am. But today I saw these pieces over at shopbop and I cannot get over the awesomeness of the new Elizabeth and James jewelry!

This necklace just blew me away. Oh how I would kill to have this. Every bit of pun intended.

It is far too fierce to pass up!

Oh how Angelina Jolie circa Tomb Raider is this snake cuff!!

I own a knock off of this ring in silver from Topshop that cost me £7. Needless to say it gives me green stains around my finger every time I take it off. I'm very sure this piece wouldn't.

Oh woe is meee!

Frozen yogurt from Snog and a portion of large fries from McD's will just have to suppress these horrendous materialistic cravings for now. Sniffle.

strike a chord

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miles away
there's hopeless smiles brighter than mine
and I need for you to come and go
without the truth falling out.

old incisions refusing to stay
like the sun through the trees on a cloudy day

you brighten my life like a polystyrene hat
but it melts in the sun like a life without love
and I've waited for you
so I'll keep holding on

without you

Running, Running Fast as I can

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So I woke up at 7.45AM yesterday, feeling slightly lazy and totally indifferent about this 10k I was about to run. I really was not expecting too much of my personal timing; I just wanted to go and have a decent morning jog that would hopefully burn off some post-exam fat.

Puttin' on my shoes, rearing to go!
(Gee, does my hair need a dye job or what!)

The charity I've been raising money for - Children with Leukaemia. Over 300 runners were running for this charity, with about 20,000 other runners in tow. Even the Olympic gold medallist was there. He finished in 27 minutes and 50 seconds. This was less than the time I took to finish 5km. I find it slightly unnerving.

Although the route was quite pretty, I didn't really pay attention. I was bopping to the tunes of Metallica and Lady GaGa most of the way. I find that mouthing lyrics really does wonders for the motivation levels.

I was also horrified at the fact that an old man of about 60 managed to overtake me. I like to think that this happens to the best of us.

The weather was quite dismal and far, far too windy. Fecking British weather. I found myself running against the wind most of the time - probably the only time when I will ever know what it feels like to be 'blown away by the wind', a comment that only thin people receive.

I love it when people dress up to run. As if it doesn't chafe enough running in proper gear! This is Darth Vader running with a bucket and lightsaber. Let's see him run with an actual sized lifesaber. I'd like to watch him flail about mercilessly as he tries to defy his own centre of gravity. FYI, an actual sized lightsaber is a blue fluorescent tube light with an all too cool handle attached to it. I have one of these babies lying around at home. It cost my father RM600.

Also, there was a toilet, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, a chicken and an egg somewhere among the mass of runners. There were also the usual aunties who walked the entire way and had 10 km's worth of idle conversation.

One day, I will run dressed as Princess Leia. Probably not in the slave girl outfit though. The mere image of me in a gold hard shelled bikini could make a grown geek cry and thus soak his entire collection of Spider-man comics.


(My actual time is the 'chip time' - 59 mins 23 seconds)

This was quite unexpected because I feel as though I weigh enough for 1 and a 1/2 girls (which is actually true, come to think of it...)

But fuck that lah. I topped up my burnt calories after with a Victorian sponge cake and a full English breakfast. Tee hee.

If I were in KL, it'd definitely have been char kway teow and kopi peng :)

Anyway, it's not about the timing so much as the raising funds for sick children!


! If you're reading this, sponsor me? Every little bit helps! So far I have appx £350. Although this exceeds the minimum amount, the 'kiasu' soul in me cries for more to help these poor kids. Again, the website is here -

Send me an email at with your name, address and amount you'd like to donate!!

The Edges Start to Fray

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Today was a wonderfully sunny day. Managed to picnic in the park with a bag full of goodies from Whole Foods. Didn't have my camera on me so no photos there. Wore my polka dotted blazer and tiny short skirt everywhere. Bit of a mistake wearing it to the park.

Some updates IRL:


4th of June 2009!! W00t.

I know it's a far cry from Metallica and the stuff I usually listen to, but the 12-year-old in me would die a little if I didn't see a fat crazy Britney lip sync to "Baby One More Time" and "Toxic" before I graduate.

2) Outlet Shopping

Bicester Village called my name. Well, not really. I was bored. So we headed up to Bicester Village at a steep, steep price of £45 for a train ticket because it was a fucking Saturday (didn't know they changed prices on Saturday!!) and shopped a bit. I still heart Portobello Rd, Topshop and American Apparel more any day.


I am in LOVE with this meat cleaver type necklace I managed to procure from All Saints. When worn as a choker, I'm a Cleopatra-type wannabe from 2009. Or, if sharpened, can be used as a lethal Batman-type weapon.

And this Luella shirt. I managed to look - for lack of a better word - dignified in this shirt. And since my wardrobe lacks dignity, I decided I'd get it. Knowing me, however, I'll probably end up making it look like a hobo's white shirt in no time.

3) 10km charity run

London 10km tomorrow. I don't know how I'm going to run in my state of extreme unfit-ness. Any sponsors? It's for Children with Leukaemia. OH WELL. It's for a good cause! :) Besides, the jerseys are too cute. Photos soon.

Hungary Part 1

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Budapest by night. So. bloody. warm.


Probably one of the most awesome chocolate cakes evah to cross my path. Strangely enough this was at the New York Cafe, where many many intellectuals have dined and exchanged ideas over a cup of coffee and a cake or two. I think Stalin may have dined here during his reign. I can't remember who else; it was written on the table mat but post-exam syndrome didn't allow me to take in very much.

My most awesome ring I discovered at yet another Hungarian flea market. Does it not look EDIBLE? Yum yum. I have a cupcake one too!

Ah. The bane of my existence. The Hungarian version of 'char kway' - langoush. Just fried dough smothered in sour cream and then totally snowed with smoked cheese. Probably has about 28478 calories but worth every mouthful. This piece of heaven totally redefined having an orgy in the mouth.

So this was in Paris. Probably the only interesting photo I have from my Parisian travels. It's the Hugo Boss display on Champs Elysees which I thought was beyond words because of the stuffed wolf and rabbit - which they'd totally never allow in London. God bless Europe.

Memento Park statue. This is where they house all the statues from the communist dictatorship era - in a barren park far, far away from the city center that required a bus ride through a kampung and a tram ride through the city. Note at the size of the worker's chest.

A traditional Hungarian sweetbread (the name of which I cannot spell but it starts with a 'kos') we found at a fete outside the National museum. It was weirdly addictive despite its coldness. It's just bread covered in sugar - like a sugar doughnut minus the oil.

Ok more later. Gotta dash to college.

Back from Hungary, Going Hungry For a Week

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Back in Londontown from Budapest & Paris. Took at least 500 photos of food and scenery! Found insane shoes and jewellery and a wicked size 16 oversized vest from god knows when in a Hungarian flea market! Communist memorabilia! Hence, hhotos soon. Am so fat it's not even funny anymore. Good night.
these days, it sort of pains me to realize that my writing in any form whatsoever is inherently limited to incoherent sentences about subjects i'll never understand - "the undoped setback layer reduces coulombic scattering from the quantum well", "the negative eigenvalues --> stability", "there is only one channel in this device".

the list goes on.

you know what? i'm not sure if i really care if whether a field effect transistor has one channel or eight. the more i'm weighed down by my inability to form pseudo-scientific disjointed sentences i want to pass off as answers, the more i want to just shut my brain off and indulge in my sartorial visions for this summer.

either that, or just sleep. i slept 10 hours last night and DAMN does it feel good, so much so that i can even compute matrices and eigenvalues this morning.

Aren't We Dull!

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super awesome camera is here! can't wait for this crap to be over so i can start taking photos of things and clothes and the outside world!

"Life without you is like a broken pencil - pointless" - Edmund Blackadder

- Doused my camera in water owing to major spillage in bag right before exam.
- Hence, need new camera. Preferably something awesomez and mayjah like an SLR because I want to be able to take pretty photos! It can't hurt to take up a new hobby over the summer :) A Pentax KD100, maybe? Suggestions, thoughts for a beginner SLR-goer? We shall see. I think this is the headache talking. The children yelling outside are NOT helping!

- Received Topshop packages yay. I can't even be arsed to walk to Topshop High St Ken anymore due to self-inflicted confinement. When the Barbara Hulanicki collection came out on the 28th of April, I quickly zipped into panic mode and frantically looked for the Star Print Blouse in my size. 

Alas, it was GONE! And it was only 11AM. Bloody hell. It was probably the nicest thing in the collection, that and the shoulder pad dress - which I think is an impractical purchase because hey once you wear it out everyone's going to know where it's from since it's all over the billboards around town.

So I settled after deciding whether I would wear her leopard print dress (as shown below) or the loose leopard print trousers (I LOVE LEOPARD PRINT if you hadn't already picked up on that) and thought "nah, I shall save it for a rainy day" and bought the Star and Bug print scarf instead. It's the cutest scarf I own yet! 

And I would've taken a picture of it if it weren't for the fact that my camera has been reduced to a pile of weird-noise-making-metallic-brown scrap. Boo.