"I talk to God but the sky is empty"

What i'd do to have all the free time in the world to bask in the sunshine and read intense novels all day. I should stop listening to music for a while and take in the sounds of the natural world. It's the most fucking depressing thing in the world to have to stay indoors while the sun is shining outside. My wardrobe and camera call to me, but I cannot answer their desperate pleas. Sad, but true.

I know though that in a hazy whirlwind of black coffee, candy and countless purchases of clothing (I had to pay homage to AA and Urban Outfitters this morning) in the next six weeks, this will all be over. Then Paris. Hungary. Project work. Morocco. I'm going home on the 30th of June.

And that's it, London. Sayonara. I'll probably miss you, but I'll be off to the country I've read and seen so much of.

San Diego, California, US of A

- God willing.

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