Scary Spice meets Alexander Wang meets Gothic Japanese Girl

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Mm. I realize that not many people would wear or even think of buying these shoes.

However, just as a mother would love her child unconditionally - regardless of beauty, intelligence or filial piety - I love these shoes the same way.

Got them in this shop in Brick Lane called "The Lazy Ones". Happily waited for them to open (them being lazy and stuff) because we saw them in the window and nearly died. Started perusing through their clothes and hey nonny no, whaddya know - Keira Knightley walks in with Rupert Friend! She looked like she'd just walked out of Topshop, complete with a Pret a Manger save-the-environment-type tote, a hat, huge geek glasses, skinnies and a striped shirt.

And I had no fucking clue it was her 'til Jia whispered excitedly through gnashed teeth, "ISN'T THAT KEIRA KNIGHTLEY?"

Yeah, yeah, it was.

And there I was complaining how London never threw any celebrities my way the day before.

Midnight Shoe Fetish

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Man, I can't wait to see 'em!

Drink of choice

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I am never ever drinking an iced soy chai latte again. Waste of RM12.10!

I shall stick to my venti skinny triple shot hazelnut lattes from now on.


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Is it just me or are more and more people I know (distantly) getting quarantined after having been in close proximity with one person who has apparently been infected with AH1N1? So much so that people in the workplace have more or less stopped making fun of this virus. Hm, even I feel the need to cease and desist with the sarcastic remarks about AH1N1 now.

Wash your hands, sneeze into a tissue and stop coughing with your mouth open!

Not sure if stopping consumption of pork will help, though.

(Okay, maybe won't cease completely; you can't live life walking on eggshells)

just a little overdone

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I'm going to get me some of this bad ass shoe jewellery from litter sf next year. How fucking awesome would all my shoes look in an instant! Delighted squee.

Oh, and this body harness too:

AND THIS! How I've been waiting all my life to stumble upon such fierce jewellery!

Fuck, the List is growing at an alarming rate!


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I craved milk this morning so I drank fresh milk for the first time - ever - because I couldn't find the low fat one in the office fridge. Man, fresh milk is so thick, it leaves a milk moustache. I am not used to this; skimmed milk has the consistency of drainwater.


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I am going to come of age soon. The inner brat in me is longing to ask for something shiny and expensive, whilst the older, more mature me in me refrains and simply wishes for goodness and happiness in years to come..

Oh, what the hell. I'm only going to live as a dependant for another year and off I go to join the ranks of unemployed hobos living off kacang and white porridge with soy sauce. Sob.


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I'm lying in bed as I write this. I am down with a weird flu that makes me throw up and have serious body aches.

"YOU HAVE H1N1?!" screamed my sister in bewilderment upon hearing my incessant sneezing and hacking on the now infected couch.

Probably not. Even if I did, I'll recover, given my bullish immune system.

I was made to down a RM4 cup of fu cha(translation: bitter tea - literally) yesterday by my ever concerned grandmother. It's to specifically combat "heatiness and flu". I love traditional Chinese medicine in its capability for having remedy to every single ailment known to mankind. They probably even have a cure for AIDS somewhere that the Western World doesn't know about.

In any case, drain water might taste better than fu cha.

Ah Megan ah

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Megan Fox is one of those girls whom you can't make head or tail of.

I can't anyway.

I'm bringing her up because she's the subject of excited testosterone-fuelled conversation amongst hordes of males in every office block, school and drunken house party around and also the subject of defaming sessions amongst the pre-, post- and currently menstruating females. I hear vulgar talk about her everywhere I go, particularly amongst men who haven't been home from the office in a while. They were talking about her in the office today and hence I was reminded of her - yet again. Hm. Actually, come to think of it, there is one guy friend of mine who actually said that she's too slutty. Hah.

She confuses me a lot, this girl. I'm not sure what kind of person she's trying to be. Or pretending to be, for that matter. She perpetrates fairly odd ideals about feminism, sexuality and the like.

"I think all women in Hollywood are known as sex symbols. That's what our purpose is in this business. You're merchandised, you're a product. You're sold and it's based on sex. But that's okay. I think women should be empowered by that, not degraded." - Entertainment Weekly, June 2009

You could actually argue that she's the antithesis of feminism by the gist of most things she's said. Ms. Fox encompasses everything a Germaine Greer type would hate, but I'm guessing our dear Megan would simply say "Don't hate me because I'm hot" to all the dowdy feminist types out there who get unreasonably angry with her.

"I come across as confident and [women] assume that means that I think I'm hot shit And that makes them feel bad about themselves and so they hate me." - Entertainment Weekly, June 2009

I mean. Look at her:

She's probably capable of making weird and wonderful origami shapes with a cherry stem.

Anyway, because The Higher Powers are fairer than you think they are, they kinda forgot to work on her IQ levels. That, or she's been smoking way too much pot.

"I'm smart and I can be really funny and interesting and I can go toe-to-toe with anybody in a conversation." - Entertainment Weekly, June 2009

I've never heard Einstein touting his own horn. What was it he said? Something about how genius is 99% hard work and 1% genius or something.

Then again, I suppose she wasn't planted on this planet to discover the next big thing in theoretical physics - she was just designed to arouse boys and girls.

Te Amo

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Reblogged from moreinterpretations via fashionispoison

I think I've temporarily lost my ability to stay awake in the evenings, hence the spastic short posts and random pictures. Return soon.


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Get up at 6, out the door at 6.35, lunch at 12, back in office by 2, back home by 7.

In any case, it beats doing nothing for the summer. I am also feeling rather deprived as most of my possessions are somewhere at sea. I want my excess of clothes now. Whine, whine, whine.

The haze in town is crazy horrendous! Tree huggers, quick, do something about these people instead of harassing the general public about wasting paper!

please don't drive me blind

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We change the rhyme
Forget the reason
Waiting for the change of season
Drawing near
It's almost here
So save tonight
Forget tomorrow
Say goodbye
To time we borrowed
It's always there
It's in the air


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There was a kid in the hair salon today who cried for about 15 minutes as he got his hair cut. His parents were trying to amuse him in a number of ways, but to no avail.

I, however, simply sat there and felt my blood pressure shoot through the roof.

one year ago

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you are the war i never won. but it wasn't you whom i battled with. there are no badges of honour, no victory parades, no purple hearts. just broken ones. there were the devils that threw themselves at us. they never died; they are indestructible. they thrashed in undulating waves against our once concrete walls. indefatigable beings who flew in in the midst of peace in the middle of the dark in the yellow moonlight, small and tiny. one. two. three. four. infinity. a swarm of cannibalistic locusts who only knew how to feast upon the best things in life. they ground the wall to dust on the floor of my room. now it's just you and me and the silence of the night. rewind. stop. everything we ever had lay bleeding on the wood and only now is it beginning to reek of blood and pain. you walk away with a white cowardly weatherbeaten mien. you're not victorious. neither am i. i sweep up the ashes and watch it pour in a grey waterfall into the trash. i then bury the dead in the graveyard of my mind and i will sleep now knowing that what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. and that sometimes devils will sleep next to you in the middle of the night. and that now i know how to kill them.

Vapid Summer

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I arrived home last night to a simple array of food that consisted of no less than 5 dishes. Nothing lavish, my grandma insists. My room resembles a small rubbish tip but I can take comfort in the knowledge that it will be cleaned sooner or later at somebody's insistence. I can also watch Disney cartoons at any time of the day without getting yelled at for being a useless hobo.

The only thing is, Streamyx (Malaysia's darling internet service provider) still hasn't gotten its ass in shape after about 238 years of being active. This is not surprising; I am not a stranger to the country's inherent incompetencies. I'm currently leeching wi-fi off some poor neighbour who has never ever bothered to put a password to his network.

I love how cartoons are mostly social discourses and commentaries: Donald Duck is in bed, his alarm rings, he doesn't want to get up, Donald's Bad Conscience tells him to sleep on, Donald's Good Conscience tells him to wake up and go to school, Donald's Bad Conscience somehow manages to persuade him to go fishing ("fishing", they say) and smoke a pipe...

And then I just sort of lost concentration.

Cartoons with strong evangelistic and halo bearing schoolgirl undertones just don't cut it for me anymore.

Ooh, it's rainningggg.