SATC fare

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I can't sleep and I can't watch anymore episodes off TV links. Hence.

Samantha: Oh come on, if you're going to get a vibrator, at least get one called 'The Horse.'

Carrie: A fuck buddy is a guy you probably dated once or twice and it didn't really go anywhere, but the sex is so great you sort of... keep him on call.
Samantha: Ooo, he's like dial-a-dick!

Carrie: I'm homeless! I'll be a bag lady! A Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady!!

Samantha: Maybe there's something he can eat to make it sweeter.
Carrie: Maybe you should write to Martha Stewart.
Miranda: "Dear Martha: Funky spunk. Help."

Samantha: Ladies! Seamen, twelve o'clock!
Miranda: I pray when I turn around there are sailors, because with her, you never know.

Charlotte (to Samantha): Is your vagina in the New York City guidebooks? Because it should be - it's the hottest spot in town - it's always open.

The Number 1 Complaint of Most Girls in the World Today

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1) I'm going home in three weeks with a face like the full moon; I'll probably create lycanthropes.

2) Herb is fur-ocious.

Do we all learn defeat from whores with bad feet?


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Before our innocence was lost,
You were always one of those,
Blessed with lucky sevens,
And the voice that made me cry.

three thousand and thirty four hours

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The number of hours in my day.

Because spending the day in bed when you have exams is such a bloody brilliant idea.

A Mess that completely obeys the 2nd Law

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Just woke up. Bedhead hair, retainers still on and insanely paranoid about the fact that today might be 9.21AM on a Wednesday, May 23rd :P But. It's not. Thank goodness.

Life doesn't ever sort itself out. Nor will it sort itself out even if you tried. My bed and desk, for instance, are just alternate places to store this Mess. At night, I clear the bed and dump everything on the desk. During the day, I transfer everything to the bed. The Mess just doesn't go away no matter how much paper you bloody throw away.

Crunch time.


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Linkin Park's new album can make me cry.

In the terrible way, not the good way.


It's a really damn cold night

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Wahey, I managed to readjust my body clock. Well, actually, we'll see because I slept at 9(PM!) and have just woken up from a deep, deep slumber after four hours. Work needs to be done, files cleaned up, coffee made, ill thoughts expunged. Stoicism is the way.

hi ma.

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ok, ya, so i'm a terrible blogger i've had several blogs in my (short) lifetime, but i guess it wouldn't hurt to try and start anew with a new blog - not that i have anything of particular interest to say or do. especially during times like these when all one does is study, eat, sleep, facebloodybook (in more ways than one), breathe a bit, study again. imperial is the high class prison, as befits the name :P


how, how, how.

you know you're in big big brain trouble when you start to write "how" more than once in a grammatically illegal sentence.