Avril Lavigne Had A Point

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Little girls shouldn't be taught to believe in fairy tales. Fairy tales are like drugs. Once you start believing, you don't stop. Regardless of how many pieces the heart is in, we will always pray and hope that some charming man will rescue us from a prison cell labelled "Depressed, Single and Lonely". Regardless of how many female empowerment songs we hear on the radio. Because we've been fucking conditioned to believe that we need someone to carry on with our daily lives, that living alone is very much frowned upon. "Oh you're going to die an old maid!". "Awwww, your time will come". "No man in your life? That's okay...one will come soon enough". Of course there are the occasional "SINGLEDOM IS AWESOME" and "Fuck that, let's go party" comments. However, most of these comments are perpetuated by people who have found some sort of stability in their lives with another person - a soulmate, if you will (if that even exists). I suppose to some singledom is a choice, but for the most part, it really isn't. I love how people who choose to be single are more often than not the most attractive ones. Ugly girls don't have choices in life. Pretty girls do. Poor people don't have choices. Rich people do. Whoever said we live in a classless society is obviously rich, intelligent and drop dead attractive. I have digressed.

I've been a cynic for as long as I remember, but I still do believe in happy endings. Though I must confess that most happy endings are bittersweet (but humans don't give a fuck - all that matters is getting the girl/man because we're selfish like that). Take The Little Mermaid. Ariel got the man of her dreams and became a human, but she left an entire world she'd known for sixteen years and a father who loved her to no end behind. I would think that she would be plagued by some sort of guilt trip every now and then. I would be. Then again, I'm no princess. I'm an angry bitter teenager with various addictions and hobbies that don't include singing and seeing the best in others.

I'll just shop more because in the wise words of that old skankwhore Fergie, "a Prada dress never broke my heart before".

Sunday Morning

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