halloween novelty fail

October 30, 2009 | Published in | 5 comments

I spent 5 minutes in a very crowded costume shop in Pacific Beach and came out with a leather corset, a red tulle skirt, fishnets and black feathered wings.

I've also failed to achieve anything with my Imaging midterm project so far. BAH.

Hardfest in LA tomorrow!

5 Responses

  1. Catherine says:
    30 October 2009 at 21:25

    LOL. Oldie but goodie. Def post pictures. =)

  2. Liya says:
    31 October 2009 at 09:12

    halloween is so effing stressful. the pressure to come up with an excellent costume...i can`t take it!
    i`ll just be a `naughty cop` tonight. my originality factor sucks balls

    i`m sure you`ll look great!


  3. kirstyb says:
    2 November 2009 at 09:09

    cant wait to see pics x

  4. yiqin; says:
    3 November 2009 at 04:43

    Ah I want see your photos:)

  5. Dannie says:
    5 November 2009 at 19:31

    wow, that'd be soo cool to wear a bikini tee, i freakin loove those :)