Remembering my Childhood

June 29, 2009 | Published in | 6 comments

The London Zoo was a bit disappointing. The animals looked so downtrodden. Human oppression - aren't we all victims of it. Again, this is why I want to go to the African savannah.

This giraffe wouldn't stop splashing water about. They're such serene animals.

A two-toed sloth. They only come down to the ground once a week to take a dump.


Lemur. Insert reference to King Julian.

(They spit when angry)

A poor gorilla.
I'll miss eating Walkers crisps :( ready salted <3

A macaw. Isn't it gorgeous?

A black vulture. It knew when to fly in and out. Pretty amazing stuff.

Zoo outfit.
Top: vintage Metallica shirt circa 1992 (my ebay pride and joy). Skirt: Pull and Bear. Shoes: Topshop. Bag: Miu Miu. Sunglasses: Ray Ban


6 Responses

  1. Adela says:
    30 June 2009 at 05:25

    looks like you had fun! =)

  2. K@terina B. says:
    30 June 2009 at 06:34

    This was the post of the day for me!! I love animals, and anything that has to do with them, and I ve missed a walk @ the zoo!!! The giraffe rocks!!! BTW your outfit rocks too so appropriate1

  3. ♥ fashion chalet says:
    30 June 2009 at 15:00

    Thank you so much, Honey. :)
    Really lovely comment you left for me!

    Ab/ your Question... Possibly Motel sends out identical care=packages? hmmm...

    Fun day huh? I love animals and Zoo-trips too. :)


  4. Maverick Malone says:
    1 July 2009 at 04:11

    Looove the metallica. Love love LOVE!

    Yeah...zoos are so sad. They make me really depressed. . .

  5. denise says:
    2 July 2009 at 08:06

    I WANT THAT LLAMA NOW HAHAHAHA love them theyre just so funny to look at

  6. Riot Report says:
    3 July 2009 at 12:06

    Lemurs are so fashionable w/ their striped tails...