This Ain't Africa

June 28, 2009 | Published in | 2 comments

I've been running around trying to get my life on track again post-Morocco. I've finally stopped shopping online and getting my fat arse (haven't been to the gym in two weeks!) to the summer sales, the zoo (photos soon!) and saying goodbye to friends. I shall bottle up my nostalgia and put it aside for now. My room as it is now is an absolute tip. Anyway. Photos from Morocco - in no particular chronological order because I'm a bum.

View from the living room of the riad in Marrakesh.

Snake charmer in Djemaa el Fna. Total con job, the snake didn't even budge to the music. It was only reacting to passers-by.

Living room of the riad in Marrakesh. Spent a couple of hours reading in here while everyone went out to get food.

The local tannery in Fes. Yes, they are shitholes. The leather is dunked into pots of dyes and then softened with pigeon guano. Yes, darlings, it reeked of absolute shit. Never live next to a tannery unless you are extremely fond of pigeon crap.

Essaouira, the seaside town. Much better than Casablanca, I would imagine. Casablanca is an overrated place, much like Marrakesh. After Marrakesh, I think any other Moroccan city would seem heavenly.

Calamari rings by the seaside. This was an excellent plate of calamari!

A camel. Didn't ride one because I didn't want to fork out the money. Stingy me.

Goats on a tree! Now there's something many people haven't seen before, right?? These goats eat the argan branches for food. Moroccans make an industry out of argan trees: they use it for oil, fuel and forage. We stopped by a place where women were making argan oil and argan butter. Argan butter >>> peanut butter any day :P


Sheep's brains in Djema el Fna, Marrakesh. I didn't try this lest I cause the outbreak of some new weird disease. Or die.

Market in Meknes. This man whipped an iguana out of his bag. I suspect he dabbles in voodoo.

Veggie cous cous. So much better than regular rice, but too much of it and you just feel funny.

This man was looking at me because I wasn't supposed to take photos of his stall as he had no licence. He yelled at me after and told me to delete it but clearly I didn't. It is quite a nice photo, no?

Meat at every corner.

The outside of a palace in Meknes dating back to God knows when. I nearly died in the sweltering heat.

Beef and egg tagine the lovely host made for us in the Riad back in Meknes. So yummeh!

Moroccan mint tea, a sign of Moroccan hospitality. This was the shit. Too much of it, however, and diabetes will strike you down like a lightsaber to Luke Skywalker's arm.

Marrakesh train station.

Sunset in Marrakesh on the last day. It occurred to me there and then that I hadn't watched the sun set in the longest time. It was oddly symbolic.

I need to go on an across-continent adventure soon.

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  1. tis serendipity says:
    29 June 2009 at 00:02

    Ahhhh these photos are AMAZING. I really really really wanna go to Morocco now... There's just so much of the world out there I would like to explore XDD

    Haha man the food looks great!! I think the cous cous would be a great replacement for boring plain white rice and omgg the calamari rings look so delicious I feel like sinking my teeth into all of them... And the beef and egg tagine? WOWW! No cheese there right? Cos I hate cheese but love egg and beef so that would be a perfect meal ever. X)

    Haha the tannery looks awesome! Once in a life time experience though honey, so looking back i'm sure you'll have fond memories...

    you going back home for summer hols?? The weather in SG is terrible so be prepared! :p

  2. Maverick Malone says:
    29 June 2009 at 05:54

    Awesome pics...that snake charmer...ugh...I don't like snakes at all.

    The food looks beyond fabulous, though!!

    xox, mavi