Shopaholics Anonymous

March 09, 2009 | Published in | 0 comments

You know you're in trouble when you dreams entail buying Prada bags and platform shoes adorned with red soles and Chinese characters, and then the first thing that you do in the morning is make yourself a cup of coffee and log on to the Internet to find look at that pair of insane Balenciaga booties just to whittle your sense of being into a comfort zone because you know that, in reality, you'll never be able to afford it :(

You know you're in trouble also when you spread the word about fashion blogs like and sea of shoes and your flatmate begins to curse you publicly on Facebook. Passing fashion blogs around is akin to passing a heroin needle with HIV around. 

On another note, I cut my ten sizes too large 'I Heart NY' t-shirt into something that vaguely resembles a t-shirt that a 12-year-old Kurt Cobain groupie would have worn back in 1992. 

All this when I was supposed to have spent the weekend mugging. Haaaaiyyaaaaa.

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