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Oh, what's a girl to do with herself in times of stress?

I'll tell you!

- karla's closet and that's chic...probably any fashion blog will do
- Reese's Pieces/Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hummingbird cupcakes (red velvet isn't that hot, seriously. vanilla >> red velvet any day)
- tom yum soup with chicken and broccoli.
- nail polish

Ccb lah it broke in the mail =.=
Thank goodness British people trust their customers enough to refund them immediately.

- kopi-o/Americano. PLENTY of this stuff is good for you =)

I love my Reese's pieces & nail polish so much I decided to publicly declare my love for these two things.

fuckity fuck fuck shit. 379847594ksdjfoisd.

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