Rabid Vegans

November 06, 2008 | Published in | 0 comments

People at PETA just irritate the hell out of me. So, Obama has just won the elections. How do the people at PETA put their spin on it? Read on to find out.

President-Elect Barack Obama has said, “I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other. And it’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals.” Because PETA is devoted to fighting animal abuse and recognizes the link between cruelty to animals and violence directed against human beings, the organization is very encouraged by this statement.

PETA is also pleased that Obama and his wife Michelle have announced that they will adopt a rescued dog for their daughters instead of patronizing a pet store or breeder. PETA opposes large-scale breeding facilities, known as “puppy mills,” as well as private breeders who bring puppies and kittens into the world while nearly 4 millions cats and dogs must be euthanized at the nation’s overcrowded animal shelters every year. PETA supports animal shelters and encourages all prospective companion animal guardians to visit their local animal shelter.

PETA was also encouraged to see that, unlike other Democratic and Republican presidential candidates in the past, Obama did not pander to the National Rifle Association and other pro-hunting organizations by heading into the woods and shooting defenceless animals.

PETA looks forward to working with President-Elect Obama and the new administration to help make change happen for the millions of animals who suffer unnecessarily in this country. What’s next? If his stance on other animal issues is any indication, perhaps the next president will put a tofu chicken in every pot.”

a) Putting a tofu chicken in every pot?! Do they THINK that going vegetarian is so easy for most people? Vegetables are expensive! Even as an upper middle class kid I feel the pinch buying vegetables every other day. Buying meat is infinitely cheaper than buying vegetables and certainly a lot more filling! For instance, you can buy 8 satisfying meatballs at your local Tesco's for a quid as opposed to a tiny bag of broccoli and carrots for a £1.50. Bloody hell. Organic schmorganic! You wouldn't know if it's organic unless it came from your own garden!

b) Not everyone has the money to buy fur. Not even if they wanted to. Srsly.

c) Mr Obama has better things to care about other than animals. For instance, how's about stopping people from killing one another in countries farrrr farr awaaay.

d) Mr Obama also - I'm quite sure - has better things to do than to go hunting with the National Rifle Association. How's about saving America from the next Great Depression and putting the damn country back on track politically and financially?

A bit out of context, but I've seen Paul McCartney, who is an avid supporter of PETA, do the following:

e) Wearing trainers with a suit as opposed to wearing leather shoes with a full suit. That's just moronic. Hall mirrors are there for a reason.

I don't mind vegetarians, really. Hell, I love vegetables as much as I love meat, but really, when you spout bullshit publicly and force your stupid beliefs on poor innocent meat-eaters, I'd say it's definitely time to pursue a balanced diet. For your own sake.

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