Mother of all slobs

December 10, 2009 | Published in | 3 comments

My mother invented plenty of synonyms of "slob" just for me when I was younger: ah nya chi, disgusting goat, why don't you wear something else?! how do you walk in your room?! Same pair of shorts every other day, same t-shirt etc. A decade and a rebellious personality watered down by the predictable mechanics of mass media later, I've lost count of how many pairs of (black) shoes I own.

However, some days I feel I haven't exactly outgrown that rebellious silverchair listening kid - yet. To illustrate that point and also my sheer state of exhaustion, I wore my cornflower blue Imperial College bioeng hoodie, glittery La Senza lounge pants, striped bumblebee socks and purple and pink Havaianas around yesterday evening. Of course, the furthest I went was my daily haunt - The Village to get myself a nonfat chai latte. Oh, how I adore sipping on an extra hot chai while poring through notes with aforementioned bumblebee socks on. The point is, I've reached such lows that I entertained the thought of going to bed wearing what I'm going to wear tomorrow morning i.e. the same oversized shirt (light blue Polo Ralph Lauren), black AA tights and purple legwarmers just to avoid changing into pyjamas because by Engineer Logic, this would save precious time and effort in the morning.

Today's Thursday, right? And tomorrow's Friday. Monday come faster! The blistery winds of New York await me!

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  1. Dannie says:
    11 December 2009 at 09:19

    Wow, ive never heard anyone wish for the weekend to be over, but I gues you're going to NY soon soo it's completely understandable. Ooh, I want purplr legwarmers, fuun

  2. lynnette says:
    30 December 2009 at 00:53

    hahha i would love to see photos of all the 'rebellious' outfits you've worn! :P it's hard to imagine... cornflower blue??? what color is that?

    heyy oh gosh i was just clearing up through my mail and i realized I didn't reply to quite a few of your comments!! so sorry about that... my email inbox is just soo junky and i have so much spam mail >< (also my fault for subscribing to a lot of ermm shopping websites haha) i must've missed it...

    anyway you asked what blog layout i use? i use the blogger template Minima! does that help? :D

    and you used to rock climb when you were younger? that is awesome! haha but i guess you haven't gone in awhile? i feel like getting some exercise somehow now... just came back from HK and ate like a TONNNN. :(

  3. M. and O. says:
    16 January 2010 at 03:39

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    The two future designer of this generation.

    Come On ! (k)