MATLAB, UCSD Chapter, Part A ii)

October 02, 2009 | Published in | 0 comments

By the grace of Cat and her boyfriend I finally managed to install MATLAB on bloody Snow Leopard.

If you're a worn out engineering student using Snow Leopard and wondering why the fuck you can't install MATLAB on your oh-so-amazing MBP, read on.
If you see that error cropping up about 56 times, then the solution is right here:

You'll need to go to Utilities --> Java Preferences --> Change the settings to 32 bit. Because somehow the MATLAB activation doesn't work when the Java is running on 64 bit. By default, Snow Leopard is using the 64bit version of Java.

Yeah, like I knew that from before, because, really, it only took me 5 hours and $100 to figure the problem out. Not a big deal. No, not a big deal. As opposed to about half an hour and $0 later. It would've worked for the bootlegged version too had I known earlier. Knn.

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