Friday Night Lights, Saturday Morning Darkness

October 03, 2009 | Published in | 4 comments

I am glad I came here for my final year. I haven't done any actual work (yet), but Friday nights are always guaranteed to be awesome. I think, anyway. I made Malaysian curry for them lot last night, while Alys and Jade concocted other delicious things. But, F my godawful tendency to expel everything I eat after 1 tequilas 2 tequilas 3 tequilas. TMI? Probably.

"Haha, you're all red! ASIAN GLOW!"

Blazer: Topshop; Top: AA; Skirt: Topshop; Shoes: Office (thanks to Zara :]); Bag: Mango; Scarf: borrowed from roommate so I could blend in with the Bollywood theme at the party

I absolutely loved how he showed up at the party. All the girls went positively gaga over the man.

CW direction: Meatballs, white rice, bruschetta, curry, brownies, salads, wild rice salad & pasta with bacon. I hadn't eaten brownies in ages 'til last night. After 1 tiny but heavenly piece, I felt like what I imagine a snake who'd just swallowed a person whole would feel like.

I have been eating horrendous amounts ever since school started, prompting the age old question, "Will I ever look good in a bikini?" But soon after my stomach begins to growl and I let loose the reins of control and eat an entire plate of pesto pasta with garlic and mushrooms (soo good). Social eating occurs even when you're not the least bit hungry. This love-hate relationship with food has always been a omnipresence in my life. Will I or will I not eat carbs for dinner? This question is often cut short by the fact that our dining hall serves only carbs and vegetables are completely overpriced. Full fat milk is totally out of the question when it comes to ordering my coffee. And no dressing with my salad - unless it's balsamic vinegar.

Having said all that, Cheez-Its is an incredibly tasty Saturday morning breakfast choice. 27 biscuits = 150 calories and 0 trans fat.

4 Responses

  1. yiqin; says:
    3 October 2009 at 13:01

    Ah such lovely photos <3

  2. Catherine says:
    3 October 2009 at 21:39

    LOL @ Obama. =P

  3. Liya says:
    4 October 2009 at 05:25

    wooo an outfit post! Adore the whole look, espesh those fierce shoes

  4. denise says:
    6 October 2009 at 03:37

    oo look so fun!! and finally an outfit post!! ahaha yeah asian glow..i never get it though hwahahah :D