September 19, 2009 | Published in | 5 comments

the best part of going back to school is purchasing new stationery and notebooks and planners.

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  1. Liya says:
    20 September 2009 at 05:50

    omg i could not agree more
    shopping for new school supplies is, for some odd reason, so much fun

    i love your blog!!

  2. yiqin; says:
    20 September 2009 at 06:12

    Ah I love buying sch supples too :D

  3. denise says:
    20 September 2009 at 22:55

    haha for some reason i feel like shopping and/or collecting soooo Asian hahaa

  4. geisharock says:
    20 September 2009 at 23:19

    I LOOOOOVE STATIONARYYYYY. End of story. What are you studying over there dear? Still a bit confused by whats happening in your jet setting life xxx

  5. Lauren says:
    27 September 2009 at 01:59

    So true! It is the best the part.

    x x x