Your Daily Dose of Fashion Blog Hating

August 12, 2009 | Published in | 1 comments

I spent the morning reading this gargantuan thread of comments HERE (after having done all my assigned tasks, of course; I am an awesome intern kthx) flaming famed fashion bloggers like Rumi and luxirare.

Again, I bring up the pertinent question at hand:

Why the fuck do people take others so seriously?

Granted, plenty of these bloggers don't particularly express themselves in words very well, but what the fuck right nobody reads anymore these days. They're smart, they KNOW how to garner attention the way Paris Hilton amassed a ridiculous amount of attention with her badly made sex tape! Who reads whole essays discussing the volatility of Middle East politics anymore except gnarly old professors at universities who make money from writing such essays?

Granted, these popular bloggers may be filthy loaded rich and actually have enough to buy a pair of sky high YSLs or Chanel lace booties as and when they fancy. But if they have an ex-model mom/rich husband/hot photographer boyfriend to mooch off, hurray for them! Three pairs of Chloe boots in different colours doesn't make a difference to their bank balances. Sickening, yes, but shoes are harmless. Why isn't anyone deriding rich teens who openly abuse drugs? Shoes >> drugs. And really, what difference does bitching about how many shoes Jane has make anyway? She STILL and always WILL have an entire wall filled with shoes!

This is all a bit like reality TV but on the Internet. You know it's wrong and a fucking waste of time but you watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" anyway. Or "Malaysian Dreamgirls". (Hi ex-housemates)

Fashion blogs are probably not worth 120 300+ word mini essays filled with unpleasant comments, though. There are better things to put our time to, like actually earning money so you can buy some of these nice expensive things instead of just ridiculing others INCESSANTLY for owning them and photographing them on a daily basis. If anything, looking at beautiful things should make you want to work harder next time. As my ex-housemates like to say, "Why the hell are you so life-less?"

I read such things with an objective and sarcastic point of view. For every comment, there is a sarcastic subtitle somewhere beneath it in my head. Or maybe just a plain "LOL". After all, where would the world be if nobody got annoyed for no apparent reason at all? I don't think anyone would have evolved by 2050. We'd just be a bunch of really dull apes scratching each other aimlessly.

1 Responses to “Your Daily Dose of Fashion Blog Hating”

  1. tis serendipity says:
    4 September 2009 at 11:42

    This post is awesome. Totally totally awesome. I love how you so eloquently forwarded your stand in a totally convincing manner. I'd never ever insult someone online but at times I do get transiently depressed when I see bloggers like Jane who have truckloads of shoes... but then what you said made so much sense! About being motivated to work harder to be able to afford such things in the future instead of griping about a lack of it now... I think it's that sort of wisdom you have that makes you so different from the hordes of irrational flamers out there.