Running, Running Fast as I can

May 26, 2009 | Published in | 2 comments

So I woke up at 7.45AM yesterday, feeling slightly lazy and totally indifferent about this 10k I was about to run. I really was not expecting too much of my personal timing; I just wanted to go and have a decent morning jog that would hopefully burn off some post-exam fat.

Puttin' on my shoes, rearing to go!
(Gee, does my hair need a dye job or what!)

The charity I've been raising money for - Children with Leukaemia. Over 300 runners were running for this charity, with about 20,000 other runners in tow. Even the Olympic gold medallist was there. He finished in 27 minutes and 50 seconds. This was less than the time I took to finish 5km. I find it slightly unnerving.

Although the route was quite pretty, I didn't really pay attention. I was bopping to the tunes of Metallica and Lady GaGa most of the way. I find that mouthing lyrics really does wonders for the motivation levels.

I was also horrified at the fact that an old man of about 60 managed to overtake me. I like to think that this happens to the best of us.

The weather was quite dismal and far, far too windy. Fecking British weather. I found myself running against the wind most of the time - probably the only time when I will ever know what it feels like to be 'blown away by the wind', a comment that only thin people receive.

I love it when people dress up to run. As if it doesn't chafe enough running in proper gear! This is Darth Vader running with a bucket and lightsaber. Let's see him run with an actual sized lifesaber. I'd like to watch him flail about mercilessly as he tries to defy his own centre of gravity. FYI, an actual sized lightsaber is a blue fluorescent tube light with an all too cool handle attached to it. I have one of these babies lying around at home. It cost my father RM600.

Also, there was a toilet, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, a chicken and an egg somewhere among the mass of runners. There were also the usual aunties who walked the entire way and had 10 km's worth of idle conversation.

One day, I will run dressed as Princess Leia. Probably not in the slave girl outfit though. The mere image of me in a gold hard shelled bikini could make a grown geek cry and thus soak his entire collection of Spider-man comics.


(My actual time is the 'chip time' - 59 mins 23 seconds)

This was quite unexpected because I feel as though I weigh enough for 1 and a 1/2 girls (which is actually true, come to think of it...)

But fuck that lah. I topped up my burnt calories after with a Victorian sponge cake and a full English breakfast. Tee hee.

If I were in KL, it'd definitely have been char kway teow and kopi peng :)

Anyway, it's not about the timing so much as the raising funds for sick children!


! If you're reading this, sponsor me? Every little bit helps! So far I have appx £350. Although this exceeds the minimum amount, the 'kiasu' soul in me cries for more to help these poor kids. Again, the website is here -

Send me an email at with your name, address and amount you'd like to donate!!

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  1. Kimberly Tan says:
    27 May 2009 at 08:24

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  2. tis serendipity says:
    27 May 2009 at 23:46

    Wow that is so incredible... It's so great of you to have run that marathon for Children with Leukaemia. ;) Very very meaningful.

    Zomgg that olympic dude finished in less than 30 min?! SHATZZZ... that's just inhuman.