Spazztic London Weather & Pants

April 20, 2009 | Published in | 0 comments

I could never fully comprehend how British people always went on and on about the shitty weather until I came here. Back home it was always "MAN why is it so hot?" or "MAN why is the rain so heavy?!" And then here, it goes "omgomg it's sunny out! We HAVE to go out!" One notices the how heavily the weather influences one's mood. Er, whatsitcalled...oh ya Seasonal Affective Disorder. No wonder Malaysians are so relaksed compared to the Brits and New Yorkers.

Doesn't explain me, though.

Shame my serious drop crotch pants silhouette wasn't captured to its fullest.

Actually, here we are! They're from Bershka, third greatest discovery I've made this term.

Gangsta or not. Tee hee.

Have serious greasy fried chicken craving that needs to be satisfied. Design and glorious chicken here I come.

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