An Unconventional Way to Curb Your Appetite

February 21, 2009 | Published in | 0 comments

Heart Attack Sandwich

Deep Fried Cupcake with Chocolate Sauce and Sprinkles

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In essence, this website was made to deter people from eating bad, bad foods. 

HOWEVER. I'm not sure about the effect it has on me because these days I've been teetering on the fine line between eating 4 Hummingbird cupcakes at a go and simply not eating at all. 

I ate a handful of jellybeans today though, just because I cannot walk into Topshop without perusing the sweets section. In any case, I needed glucose to fuel my burnt out calf muscles and hamstrings after having raped and pillaged Oxford St.

Anyhoo, I digress. To be frank, I'm quite curious about how these things taste. Especially that deep fried cupcake. (Must make mental note to go around to a chip shop to order a deep fried Mars bar).  There's something called Deep Fried Coca Cola too, which is basically kway koh dok fried with Coke instead of with bananas or jackfruit topped with powdered sugar. 

Shiok or not?

There is an entire diorama of wildly weird and wonderful food blogs out there, to name but a few:

Eh, Malaysian food can get pretty weird sometimes too (don't even talk to me about tempoyak; it's the ONLY thing I will not eat) - but always in a good way lah. 

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