Detox Shmetox

February 18, 2009 | Published in | 0 comments

So, my equally spastic friend and I decided to go on this 11 day diet. I was enthusiastic last night, almost scarily motivated. But, as you know, summoning willpower is no easy task. Don't even bother asking why I'm attempting to do this. I think I'm bored.

7.45AM: Wake up, brush teeth, microwave some oats with blueberries. Couldn't finish it due to overwhelmingly gooey texture that reminded me of vomit.

10AM: Falling asleep in class. Head on table-, drifting off to dreamland-type sleep. Only wake up when prof says "If you've been asleep in all my lectures, this is the time to wake up because it's ENTIRELY relevant to your coursework!" Wake up in time for 5 minute break to grab a large Americano.

12PM: Stomach sort of grumbles. Intense Mandarin lesson. 

1.13PM: Can feel acid attacking walls of stomach. Prompt another less insane friend to eat lunch. Grab salad, juice and banana.

1.20PM: "WHAT IS THAT?! JUICE? BANANA? FETA CHEESE ON YOUR SALAD? That's NOT what the diet says! Only nuts and soy milk for lunch!" Run to a corner to eat salad (sans dressing) in secret.

2PM: Start doing MATLAB. Am a little distracted by Ksubi jeans. This spurs me on a bit.

2.47PM: "V__, I'M HUNGRY!"
"SHUT UP. Stop saying that."

2.48PM: Contemplate biting own finger to eschew hunger.

4.01PM: We grab Diet Cokes as they are "ok" according to the diet. This is utter rubbish, as most people would know. Diet Coke has always inherently been abused by people who cannot stomach the guilt of drinking fat Coke or anything sweet, for that matter. Feel like a Mars Bar? Grab a Diet Coke. Stressed much? Reach for another. Most of us girls wilfully ignore the blatant fact that aspartame is 200 times sweeter than actual sugar and drink the carcinogenic fluid anyway.

4.30PM: Feel a bit ill after having chugged down 500ml of Diet Coke so quickly.

5.10PM: Code works! Hurray. Give banana away. Make own way home. Fucking starving.

6.15PM: Spin class. As if not eating proper food the whole day wasn't painful enough.

7PM: Finish spinning. Am not feeling too hungry, actually.

8.22PM: Consume a "bowl of red and green mixed vegetables" with a side of soy milk. Only, I add some lemon and smoked salmon and throw in a piece of pita bread.

9.17PM: Feel a bit insane after having reviewed entire day. Yeah, I have problems.

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