After Dinner Talk

February 01, 2009 | Published in | 0 comments

Most times

- I'm pretty damn boring.

- I love heartwrenching guitar riffs and voices with a resonating timbre (kinda like that of the very well defined frontman of Incubus). Except for the fuzzy bearded men of System of a Down.

- You'll find me sitting at the computer - headphones on - reading pointless articles from the NY Times pretending to be intellectual and then suddenly switching to God bless the Internet.

- I hate Katy Perry's songs.

- I love my feet too much to cram them into a pair of pointy toed 5 inch heels everyday. Until, of course, occasions roll around and I whip out my hooker heels. Nobody can refuse a pair of hooker heels.


- It snows. Pretty heavily. Like now. 

- I like Katy Perry's songs.

- I drink beer three days in a row, gamble and scream and shout like a fifty-five-year-old menopausal woman with fire engine red hair who sells you your local chicken rice at the market and then spend the next day listening to terribly constructed songs that lack emotional and or/ear-worthy content but are ineffably catchy. 

- I lose £10

- I win £10

- I want to sleep till the world has shifted such that I am surrounded by everything that I ever wanted to see in "Lord of the Rings". Forever, basically.

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