Of Surprises and Marathons

December 07, 2008 | Published in | 0 comments

Fairly eventful weekend. Am not particularly fond of blogging about what I've done because I don't believe my life is worth going into excessive detail about- but, well, this weekend was slightly different.

Saturday morning - went to Borough Market to eat more food. I have a newfound love for wild boar sausages. I delight in its remarkable crunchy chewiness. So much better than regular pork sausages, to be honest.
May it set your heart aflutter.

I tried out a recipe for eggless brownies this weekend as a present for a friend. I don't know how people survive sans eggs or meat, but I personally couldn't do it; so much so that I baked another Banana Chocolate Walnut cake (with eggs) this evening. Saturday ended with a re-run of X Factor and discovering cute boyband. Bring back the boybands!

And then. And then. That marathon I've been training for. I wake up at 7AM this morning, brush my teeth, put on my contacts, have a hearty oaty breakfast with the requisite mug of coffee (two tsp of Nescafe, one sugar, skimmed milk), put on my running clothes, thought "Goddammit I shall finish that 42km today whether I like it or not", chat to my not-cranky-for-the-first-time-in-the-morning flatmates who are most supportive and head out the door. To my surprise, it is a lovely day. Oh, how could anything go wrong? I will finish running 42km before the sun sets and I can say "Omfg, I just ran a marathon and didn't die."


Here's where I quote that asshole Murphy who came up with this: "If anything can go wrong, it will"

Here's what happened in short:

- A car had hit black ice and taken a tumble, blocking a large part of a very narrow country lane.
- The people couldn't get the car out in time. Window of sunlight gets shorter and shorter.
- They decide they can't continue the race because they don't want people running in dark country lanes.
- Race is cancelled.

(Nobody was hurt, so I have the freedom to bitch as explicitly as possible without hurting anyone's feelings)

What ARE the chances of ALLL that happening on a BRIGHT but cold Sunday morning? Shouldn't a person be in bed all wrapped up and warm? The only people who should be out on a Sunday morning are crazy morons like us who enjoy the pain of running loopy distances in negative temperatures! Everyone else should be sleeping or enjoying a nice Sunday breakfast with the family in the conservatory, munching on buttered toast or sipping on strawberry tea with honey - certainly not driving at high speeds through ice!

Fine, he may have been driving slowly and you can't really see black ice, but I am a bitter underexercised girl.

I can't help but wonder, as Carrie Bradshaw would, perhaps something bad would have happened had I run today.

I should just go out and buy myself a lottery ticket. After everything that has happened today, the chances of winning the lottery are certainly not that much slimmer.

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