Reversing Realpolitik in the Realworld

November 03, 2008 | Published in | 0 comments

It's the 4th of November tomorrow. Shame on you if you think it's just another day. It's not.

I know I'm not American, not even close, but I'd be a fool to say I didn't care about the future of America because let's face it - the future of America affects every damn country on this planet, however loath we are to admit it. Having said that, I admit that I am fairly apathetic about Malaysian politics, simply because I've not seen someone worth caring about anywhere on the political arena. We have politicians getting stabbed in front of their clinics, for crying out loud. We have politicians being charged for sodomy. You know, buttsxe. I don't know if you've noticed, but other countries are laughing at us. We look like a gang of schoolchildren at a black and white affair.

Ooh, I digress.

This year, however, in January 2008, the fight between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton grabbed my attention. Could it be time for a Change? I wasn't old enough to be angry about politics when George W came into power twice, but naturally, as time progresses one observes the repercussions of George W's actions and fights the urge to throw a very sharp stick right into his chest. Perhaps through his unsightly ears. Mr Obama understands the need for Americans and the world to see some sort of change in foreign policy.

And what does the John McCain camp know? How to hire a woman like Sarah Palin to become your running mate? A right hand? To do WHAT exactly? Seriously, darling, what does Sarah Palin know? She doesn't even know the current Prime Minister of Canada. A DJ from a Canadian radio station prank called her this morning and claimed to be Nicolas Sarkozy wanting to interview her allll the way from France. Being the genius with the 180 IQ, she gleefully picked up the phone and said "Oh hiiii how are youuuuu" in that ingratiating pimply-kid-trying-to-oomph-her-grades-up-by-being-uber-nice-to-her-PE-teacher tone and proceeded to answer the fellow's questions with all sorts of amusing answers. How anyone can respect her or vote for her after that is absolutely beyond me. For a celebrity, it's fine to look like a moron, because, hey, that's your fucking job, no? Entertain, be slutty and prosper! For a vice-presidential candidate, however...well, perhaps not. It's one thing to blow $150,000 on "campaign accessories", but another to look like a total fool in front of 250 million people. Actually, I'm not sure which way round that sentence is meant to be.

Then you have Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Both academically sound, both incredibly intelligent people who have proven to focus on practical and sound policies. Obama wants to stop all this warmongering by reducing nuclear stockpile, not "weaponizing" space and would probably engage in presidential diplomatic negotiations before actually whacking the crap out of people, unlike some American presidents we so know and love. Biden, unlike Ms Palin, has been a member of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations for the longest time. I assume he would know who the current Prime Minster of Canada is and what Nicolas Sarkozy would do in his free time. 'Nuff said.

Having said all that, I can only hope that there are people out there taking this election seriously and that it is certainly NOT funny voting for a party with that woman on the team. McCain is an old man. His name is a brand of frozen potato chips in this country and one of those bags of chips will certainly outfreeze him, trust me.

This is the first time I'm giving a rat's ass about the political conditions of the world - it'd better turn out good.

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