A Misbegotten Repeating Disaster

January 20, 2008 | Published in | 1 comments

Past one week. 12 hour days. It gets hard to tell night from day sometimes. It's amazing how the earth keeps spinning while the rest of us seem to stand so still in the dwindling daylight. We walk up and down the same weather beaten track over and over again. Same place, same time. Repetition is the Monster in my closet, the one who will hold me tight when I cry late into the night, the one who will always be there for me when everything falls apart. The easiest things in life come from this ghastly creature. Still. I despise it.

We're always fighting for something. Aren't we now. My something just isn't half as clear as yours. But. It'll be okay.

1 Responses to “A Misbegotten Repeating Disaster”

  1. Syamil says:
    24 January 2008 at 18:11

    The monster is the evil you are familiar with. It is better than the evil you don't know.

    Remember: You are being read ;)