"Life without you is like a broken pencil - pointless" - Edmund Blackadder

- Doused my camera in water owing to major spillage in bag right before exam.
- Hence, need new camera. Preferably something awesomez and mayjah like an SLR because I want to be able to take pretty photos! It can't hurt to take up a new hobby over the summer :) A Pentax KD100, maybe? Suggestions, thoughts for a beginner SLR-goer? We shall see. I think this is the headache talking. The children yelling outside are NOT helping!

- Received Topshop packages yay. I can't even be arsed to walk to Topshop High St Ken anymore due to self-inflicted confinement. When the Barbara Hulanicki collection came out on the 28th of April, I quickly zipped into panic mode and frantically looked for the Star Print Blouse in my size. 

Alas, it was GONE! And it was only 11AM. Bloody hell. It was probably the nicest thing in the collection, that and the shoulder pad dress - which I think is an impractical purchase because hey once you wear it out everyone's going to know where it's from since it's all over the billboards around town.

So I settled after deciding whether I would wear her leopard print dress (as shown below) or the loose leopard print trousers (I LOVE LEOPARD PRINT if you hadn't already picked up on that) and thought "nah, I shall save it for a rainy day" and bought the Star and Bug print scarf instead. It's the cutest scarf I own yet! 

And I would've taken a picture of it if it weren't for the fact that my camera has been reduced to a pile of weird-noise-making-metallic-brown scrap. Boo.

2 Responses

  1. denise says:
    2 May 2009 at 19:20

    hey! ugh i wanted that white MK blouse so bad but wasnt bothered to walk down to Topshop in NY and wasn't quick enough to snatch it up online.

    and to answer your question, I shoot with a Nikon D50. It's a good beginners camera and I love it loads. I'm actually thinking of just buying new lens, as opposed to a whole new body...really, a lens makes all the difference :D I know alot of amateur photographers either use Nikon D40/50/60 or the Canon Rebel XTi. Hope that helps :D

  2. miky says:
    23 May 2009 at 14:36

    love that dress!!!